Online Safety

Please see below for updates on awareness regarding E-safety for your children.

Should you have any concerns about your child's behaviour please contact the school for guidance on further support.





We want to support our families by recommending the following guidance for parents - recently shared by the Department for Education - in order to help ensure students use the internet safely. 



Hegarty Maths Alert

It has come to our attention today that there are a number of fake Instagram accounts associated with Hegarty Maths. We contacted Hegarty Maths who confirmed they do not use Instagram. If you have been following any account called mr.hegarty or anything associated with Hegarty Maths, please block and unfollow them, they are fake accounts and we do not know who is responsible for them.  If you are worried about anything to do with this please speak to someone straight away. Hegarty use the following website for all their information 


Local concern regarding staying safe online

Please click here for more information


Snapchat map function warning